The collaboration between South Sudan Human Rights Defenders Network (SSHRDN) and Civil Rights Defenders (CRD) has proffer significant progress in strengthening SSHRDN’s professional capabilities during the recent months of 2023. Through a variety of endeavors such as discussions, regular meetings, training sessions, workshops, and more, CRD has played a crucial role in enhancing SSHRDN’s skills, expanding its network, and increasing its impact within the challenging environment of South Sudan.

Civil Rights Defenders has conducted  and supported diverse training sessions that proved essential in stoning SSHRDN’s skills. Members have been equipped with practical tools and methodologies in advocacy, communication, finance, administration, and specialized physical and psychosocial training for Women Human Rights Defenders.


Photos: Exchange learning Visits to Uganda 

Digital Security Training and Support:

Contextualized digital security training and support for Women Human Rights Defenders directly empowered them to operate safely in the challenging environments, aligning with SSHRDN’s objective of supporting defenders’ safety and capacity building.

Figure 1: Digital Security training WHRDs Juba
WHRD digital security training
WHRD digital security training


Advocacy and Communications Training:

Advocacy and communications training -Participants in Yei
Juba, Advocacy and Communications training

Training sessions in advocacy and communications conducted in Yei and Juba have equipped defenders with crucial skills to effectively advocate for human rights in South Sudan, enabling them to amplify their voices and drive positive change in society.



The collaborative efforts facilitated by Civil Rights Defenders have not only enhanced SSHRDN’s professional capacities but also provided access to valuable resources and networks. Participation in the 77th Session of the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights and strategic partnerships formed during this event have been critical in expanding SSHRDN’s reach and influence both within South Sudan and at the regional level.


77th session of the African Commission
 77th session of the African Commission
77th session of the African Commission








The collaboration between SSHRDN and Civil Rights Defenders stands as a testament to the transformative impact of strategic partnerships in advancing human rights advocacy. By enhancing professional capacities, promoting mental health, and providing crucial support, this collaboration has empowered SSHRDN to make a lasting impact in the challenging landscape of South Sudan. The joint efforts of these organizations serve as a glimpse of hope for human rights defenders striving to create positive change in their communities.


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