James Bidal, the National Coordinator of SSHRDN, stated that today they were commemorating International Youth Day, a day of significant importance. As members of the South Sudan Human Rights Defenders Network, they were honored to acknowledge the unlimited potential, resilience, and unwavering determination that the youth contribute to society’s forefront.

Bidal pointed out that the theme of this year, Green Skills for Youth: Towards a Sustainable World,” deeply resonated with their mission as human rights defenders. He noted that just as the youth have the capacity to develop green skills and promote sustainable practices, they also play a crucial role in upholding and safeguarding the fundamental rights of their fellow citizens.


In a nation that has experienced the struggles of independence and confronted the challenges of nation-building, Bidal emphasized that the youth are a beacon of hope. Their energy can transform adversity into opportunity and shift the nation’s narrative from one of struggle to one of progress.


Bidal mentioned that human rights defenders of all generations share a common objective: ensuring the respect, protection, and fulfillment of every individual’s rights. He drew inspiration from the courageous youth who champion these rights despite facing significant odds. He stressed their dedication to speaking truth to power and advocating for justice, equality, and inclusion even amidst social, political, and economic difficulties.

Acknowledging the importance of providing the youth with the necessary tools for their development, Bidal highlighted education, mentorship, and access to information as the cornerstones upon which they can build a brighter future. By nurturing their talents and equipping them with knowledge, they are empowered to emerge as leaders both within their communities and on a global scale.

Bidal conveyed a message to the youth of South Sudan, asserting that their voices held weight and their actions could reshape the nation’s destiny. He encouraged them to remember that they were not alone, as they were part of a network of human rights defenders united in their commitment to a just and equitable society. Their courage, determination, and dedication, he stated, inspire everyone to strive for a better tomorrow.

In conclusion, Bidal urged a recommitment to supporting South Sudan’s youth. He emphasized the importance of providing an environment where their ideas were valued, their dreams nurtured, and their rights protected without compromise. By doing so, they could contribute to a society that upholds the dignity of every individual and embraces values of justice, freedom, and equality.


He concluded by recognizing the immense potential of the youth and encouraged collaborative efforts to build a South Sudan where their aspirations could be realized. He assured that the South Sudan Human Rights Defenders Network stood ready to support their journey toward positive change.


In closing, wished everyone a Happy International Youth Day.

Here is a copy of the statement INTERNATIONAL YOUTH DAY 


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